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It's taken a while to link all our activities to the new maths curriculum but we've finally launched our updated website!

Interactive Resources Online provides access to all the iR Maths Packs, Primary Games Series and Teaching Series resources online. Activities can be found by objective, CD Rom title, or via our intuitive Activity Browser. Save resources into folders for quick and easy access which pupils can access at home or in school.



Primary Games Ltd having a growing collection of Apps designed
specifically for iOS and Android devices.


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Primary Apps Vol.1

Primary Apps Vol.1

Times Table Mountain
Division Descent
Eggs on Legs
Wipeout Wall (Addition)
Wipeout Wall (Multiplication)
Frontier Factors
Multiple Wipeout
Airport Arithmetic


Primary Apps Vol.2

Primary Apps Vol.2

iR Telling Time
Billy Bug
Banana Hunt
Spin to Win
Spooky Sequences
Super Tiles
Stop the Clock
Times Table Snap
Eggs to Order


Primary Apps Vol.3

School Run
Fraction Boats
Pyramid Climb
Fraction Painter
Mission Addition
Rotating Rockets
Chill or Challenge?
Chemical Arithmagons


Primary Apps Vol.4

Number Frame
Multiplication Grids
Addition Grids
Knockout Square
Ultimate Number Bonds
Speed Grid Challenge
Nearest Number
iR Flag Finder
iR Memory Match

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